Karen Love Lee

Mind Mastery Coach | Mentor | Magician

Self~Mastery Coaching for

Pa$$ion-Driven Entrepreneurs

Do you want to discover how to maximize your genius? 

My YOUnique coaching process empowers you to eliminate unconscious blocks to #MagnetizeProsperity!

Regardless of your challenge or obstacle, the key is to uncover the root cause of the problem, so we can solve it.

Clarify Your PASSION

  • Fall in Love with YOU
  • Heal Childhood Wounds
  • Remove Self-Saboteurs
  • Own Your Brilliance
  • Reignite Real Passions
  • Apply My Passion Test

Search & Destroy Blocks

  • UNconscious FEAR
  • Understand Your Brain
  • Brain-Mind Connection
  • Dispel False Beliefs
  • BEcome Source Energy
  • Command Your DREAMS

Take Effortless Action

  • Look for What's Missing
  • Get What You Don't KNOW
  • Own Who You ARE & Are NOT
  • Art of Communication
  • Transcend Circumstances
  • Love & Live Life By Design

I elevate and enrich my clients to transform the impossible into REALITY

"Everytime I'm in full-time coaching with Karen, things  show up and they work in astronomical ways. This has been my first year as a fulltime entrepreneur not relying on a 2 week paycheck and I have tripled my income..."

Cody Dover, AR, USA

"I'm scouring the planet looking for individuals that are really playing to their genius. There is nobody on the planet that does what you do!"

- Michelle Patterson, CA, USA

"She has such an intuitive intelligence that she was able to nail problems that I wasn't even aware I'm having."

- Wydarius Williams, AR, USA

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to gain clarity and power to achieve my DREAMS!